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Data Mining Applications

Executives in Government and Business Find Solutions in Data Mining By:
• Uncovering fraudulent activities
• Tapping into operational data to improve performance.
• Identifying, predicting, or preventing disease by discovering trends and patterns in medical data.
• Monitoring which portions of your web site are visited most frequently and discover
patterns in customers’ on line activities.

Why Should AAL Mine Your Data?
• AAL utilizes the leading data mining products for data mining solutions.
• Employs experts in
     * Machine Learning and statistics
     * Data Warehousing
• Database management systems
• Develops software to meet your specific needs.

Smart Tools
• Experienced in operating all of the leading commercial data mining tools:e.g.:
     * SAS
     * SPLUS
     * SPSS
     * IBM
     * ORACLE
• Develops customized, integrated solutions for your unique environment or as a service    through our data mining center.
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